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Music Lessons

Private music lessons for children and adults at Wild Learning
We currently have Barbara teaching piano and guitar and Kate teaching violin in our music room

YES! you can use a Creative Kids NSW voucher to get FREE lessons at Wild Learning!


Piano Lessons

We are happy to introduce you to our talented piano teacher, Barbara Whitnell - Funkey Muso. 
Barbara is an experienced and professional music educator who is passionate about sharing her love of music with students of all ages and talent for making learning music fun and rewarding!

Piano lessons are a wonderful way for children to develop their creativity, focus, and confidence. By learning to play an instrument, children are able to express themselves through music and develop valuable skills that can last a lifetime.

At Wild Learning, we offer Piano lesson on a Tuesday.
*For little ones (kindergarten and year 1) we recommend 20 minute lessons, $25 each
*For primary, high school and adult students our 30 minute lessons are $35 and our 45 minute lessons are $45 each

To try out piano lessons with Barbara, we offer a single 20 minute lesson for $25. 
Once students are hooked (and we're sure they will be!), lessons can be booked in blocks of 5.

In addition to lessons, students will need to purchase a music book from Barbara for $20. This will serve as a valuable resource for students as they learn new skills and progress through their lessons. Students will learn to read music, develop technique AND learn cool music written by Barbara herself!

We are confident that piano lessons with Barbara at Wild Learning will be an engaging and positive experience for all students. 

Sign up today and let the music begin!

Violin Lessons:

Kate teaches Violin at Wild Learning on a Thursday morning and afternoon. 

Learning to play the violin is  an enjoyable hobby, but it also provides a host of benefits for young minds. From improved motor skills and increased discipline, to a deeper appreciation for music and its complexities, playing the violin can help children excel in various areas of life.

Additionally, music education has been linked to increased academic achievement and cognitive development in children. Studies show that learning to play an instrument can help with memory retention, language skills, and even math proficiency.

Whether your child dreams of playing in a symphony orchestra or simply wants to explore a new hobby, Violin lessons are a great way to get started!

Kate has years of experience teaching children of all ages and abilities. Her warm and friendly teaching style encourages development of technique and musicianship.

Contact us using the form below if you are interested in Violin lessons and we will put you in touch with Kate

Playing a Violin

Music Lesson enquiry

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