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Creative classes for Kids & Youth

After school classes

Art Classes | Sewing classes | Creative Writing

for primary and high school students

Colored pencil tips
Paint Colors

School Holiday Activities

Be an Artist for day!

Music Lessons

Piano | Violin | Guitar

for primary and high school students

Image by Denise Jans

Wild Learning is your local creative space in Cessnock for primary and high school students

In our art programs, young people will learn a variety of techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpting, and collage- They will also learn about different artists and art styles and find their own unique creative voice.

Our sewing lessons allow students to develop skills in project and patchwork sewing and garment sewing as well as technical skills working with their sewing machines. 


Music lessons are taught by experienced music educators who know both music AND how to develop skills and passion in young people! We currently offer piano, violin and guitar and young people are welcome at our community choir on Wednesday evening. 

We value creativity and self expression, inclusion and community and build theses values into our art space and the way we work with young people - we want art to be a powerful way to support young people to thrive and develop self confidence.

We also offer the BEST birthday art parties for kids and teenagers. Our painting parties are customisable and personalised to your child, super easy for everyone and chock full of memory making moments to last a lifetime 

At Wild Learning, we believe that every child is creative, and we provide a safe and supportive environment for kids to explore their creativity.

So come and join us for a fun and creative experience at Wild Learning, the best art studio in Cessnock for kids!

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