Classes for kids + teens

If you’re looking for inclusive classes where your child can learn in a fun way, be expansive, accepted and supported, you’ve come to the right place!


Our children's art programs are fun, simulating and amazingly inspiring for young learners!

How we teach:

We offer small group lessons at Wild Learning and our class sizes are between 4 and 14 students - this means kids get the benefit of lots of personal attention and individual learning, with the opportunity to make new friends and be social and connected in a low pressure environment.

Small group lessons help children learn real skills and stay motivated to come back again and again each week - we believe kids are more likely to persevere with learning a new skill when they learn as part of a peer group.

Art and creative classes are taught in the hall space and music lessons happen in our gallery room - both are set up to create relaxing learning environments for young creatives!


The Benefits: 

Your child will discover new skills, hobbies and passions in a supportive and social environment.  This is a chance for your children to experience news ways of being creative. There’s a special energy that is created when a child's natural creative curiosity is amplified by a well designed learning program and nurtured by experienced teachers who love what they do.

Give your kid the opportunity to develop a unique style, explore new materials and get wildly creative. Unleash their unlimited potential in an inclusive environment, guided by teachers who know and love what they are doing.

We aim to create a low pressure environment, with no exams or competition, no right/wrong way to participate and completes respect for child's unique creative journey!

By encouraging young people to express their own personal story and ideas, we create wonderful experiences that lay a strong foundation for the fabulous teens and adults they are becoming.

Our programs:

  • Sewing and fashion design

  • Clay and sculpture

  • Painting and drawing 

  • Singing

  • piano keyboard

Close to home, with prices that meet local needs and an array of activities you won’t find elsewhere, the Wild Learning experience is built on the desire to create amazing opportunities for local families. 


Enroll your kid in one of our classes and watch how their smile linger for hours after each class!

ALL students must be enrolled ONLINE for school holiday and afters school classes. 
Yep, even returning students. 


Yes - we can access Creative Kids Vouchers.

To enroll with a voucher:

1. Select the class you wish to enrol in and complete the enrolment form

2. Provide the voucher code AND your child's date of birth